The " Notebook" Multidisciplinary Group Exhibition/ Vali Art Gallery/ Tehran/ 2022

Title: Edema/ Handmade Ceramic/ Size: 60*550 cm

"My Home" Two Interpretations of Contemporary Iranian Ceramics/ Multidisciplinary Group Exhibition/ Didar Art Gallery/ Tehran/ 2022

Title: Jar Burial/ Three jars with sound that playing inside them

Size1: 180*60 cm/ Size2: 170*60 cm/ Size3: 100*45 cm

The 4th "Vista Contemporary Art Prize" Exhibition/ Vista Art Gallery/ Tehran/2021

Title: Green Bullet/ Ceramic, Plant Seed and Video/ Size: 1*1.5 M

"Frontier" Ceramic Based Exhibition/ /Iranian Artists Forum /Tehran/ 2017

Title: GAAR Gate/ Handmade ceramic tiles with pictures of working children and image that is thrown on them with a projector/ Size: 2.5*3.5M

"Breakable" Ceramic Based Exhibition/ Niavaran Cultural Center/ Tehran/ 2015 and Museum of Contemporary Arts/ Isfahan/ 2016

Title: Pressure/ Desktop Metal Clamp and Handmade Ceramic Plates/ Size: 60*70 Cm